Al-Faisal Grammar High School

To become a nationally acclaimed educational institution that promotes academic excellence, professional leadership and strong character by providing integrated education and training.


School Facilities


Al-Quran is taught at school as a subject since early classes, so that the Holy message is implanted in children’s mind since early stages of consciousness to enable them to follow the right path for the rest of their lives to achieve “What the Creator expects from him” for the success in life in this world and hereafter.

Al quran
medical care

Medical Care

The school has a qualified part-time doctor on its panel for the regular check-up of the students. ‘First Aid’ is extended in case of any injury to a student during school hours.

Physical Education

Arrangements for physical education are made for all classes under the supervision of a qualified Physical Education Instructor.

physical education
school building

School Building

The school has separate campuses for boys and girls. All school campuses have sufficient number of airy class rooms, spacious hall, computer lab, science lab, offices and staff rooms. Each building has required number of toilets for students and staff. Buildings fulfil all the requirements of high schools for boys and girls separately,


Science Laboratory

Carefully planned and well equipped science laboratory facilities are provided for the students in primary and high school campuses. These laboratories facilitate the teaching of science for the primary and middle classes and help in practicals in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the matriculate students.

Computer Laboratory

Keeping in view the requirements of the modern age, the subject of computer science was introduced. To facilitate the study of computer science, there is a well-equipped and maintained computer laboratory. The students are introduced to computer studies from class two.


The school has ample number of books for the students as well as the staff in its library. The school library is open to all bona fide students and staff members of the school. All classes are provided with at least one library period per week.


The school auditorium (Ali Muhammad Auditorium) has substantial sitting capacity which is fully equipped with latest multimedia, sound and lights system for conducting various curricular and co-curricular activities. It provides additional facilities for various cultural programs, seminars, workshops and teacher training programs.

Co-Curricular Activities

Dramas, debates, quiz, spelling, speech and sports competitions are arranged for various classes and all the National Days are celebrated in the school with due solemnity and grace.

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