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To become a nationally acclaimed educational institution that promotes academic excellence, professional leadership and strong character by providing integrated education and training.


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We can ill-afford to neglect elementary education which is, in fact, the most important stage in the whole educational career of students. It is at this stage that the foundation for a good personality and responsible citizenship is laid. Faisalabad is the 3rd biggest city of Pakistan as far as population is concerned. Realizing the importance and need of the elementary education in the city, a group of responsible and compatible persons of the city decided to open a chain of model schools in the city, which would, not only impart quality education but also prepare its students for the future leadership of the country. To pay homage to late King Faisal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first of these institutions was founded in 1985 named Al-Faisal Grammar High School.



To become a nationally acclaimed educational institution that promotes academic excellence, professional leadership and strong character by providing integrated education and training.

our mission

Our Mission

We here at Al-Faisal Grammar High School aspire to achieve excellence through having morally strong, scholarly qualified and productive faculty that facilitates the students to acquire the unique qualities of character, confidence and creativity leading them to innovative, skilled and successful careers and a holistic civic engagement in our socio-cultural framework. We seek to accomplish this mission as an institution with Islamic and rigorous curriculum in a proactive environment at cost affordable to all classes of society while working cooperatively within our own system and all others concerned.

Aims & Objectives

To achieve excellence in the standard of education so that students are able to secure admissions in the best institutions of higher education in the country and abroad.

To enable the students develop all their potentialities, both curricular and co curricular, so that in this modern competitive age, when their own time comes, they are able to carve a prominent place for themselves in the vast edifice of the society.

To inculcate, in the students, the true Islamic values such as courage, honesty, kindness, co-operation, integrity and truthfulness.

To develop, in the hearts of children, the love for their parents, family and country.

To make the students aware of the value of freedom and strengthen their faith in the Ideology of Pakistan and Islam so that as grown up men and women, they are able to play their role in the task of nation building, as good and patriotic citizens and useful members of society.

To develop the strategies for a desired future and aligning and energizing students and workforce to achieve those missions.

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    Our curricular and extracurricular activities uplift the creativity of students and make them critical thinkers, problem solvers, and new ideas generators.


    We build confidence in our students by appreciating their capabilities and skills, and also provide them with strength and motivation for self-belief and success.


    Our education system not only exceeds the students in their academic careers but also raises strong personal character with religious norms and values like courage, honesty, etc.


    Our education system focuses on a practical and innovative learning environment instead of just cramming. It polishes and develops leadership skills in students.


    With the help of trained faculty, quality education, and a fully equipped environment we successfully educate our students so that they can fully stand on merit for further academic path.


    Our institution strives best to maintain the integrity of quality education. Our responsible team members perform their duties with honesty and fairness in a respectful environment.

    Our Campuses & Locations

    At present, the administration is running three school campuses

    Main Campus

    Al-Faisal Grammar High School Ahmadabad (Gulistan Colony) P.O. Nishatabad, Faisalabad.

    041-8788017, 8785817, 0336-6600411

    Girls Campus

    Al-Faisal Girls Grammar High School Ahmadabad (Gulistan Colony) P.O. Nishatabad, Faisalabad.

    041-8788017, 8785817, 0336-6600411

    Uzair Campus

    Al-Faisal Grammar School 419-G, Raja Road, Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad.


    Cadet Campus

    Al-Faisal Grammar School, Jameelabad, Sheikhupura Road, P.O. Nishatabad, Faisalabad.

    041-8506362, 0305-7150595

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    Chairperson’s Message

    Ex. Vice Principal / Head Deptt: of Maths. F.G.G.S. Akure ONDO State, Nigeria.

    Ex. Head Deptt: of Maths. Cadet College, Kohat.

    Ex. Lecturer, Govt. College, Faisalabad.

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    “From Darkness unto Light”


    Thanks to Allah Almighty for the accomplishment and attainment of our endeavors in facilitating our students and ensuring relevant and quality education. I would like to pay a whole-hearted tribute to all past and present students and members of staff, who have worked and are currently working for the benefits of society and their high pinnacles of attainment under the fundamental rules of Islam.


    We, at Al-Faisal, implement the qualitative teaching techniques. We want our School to take its place in the society as a leading, innovative, professional, result-oriented and conspicuous school, yet a school that is affordable to all classes of society.


    We welcome the suggestions of all the concerned in regards to the improvement of the institute and achievement of our goals. In the light of our respected colleagues’, parents’ and advisors’ precious suggestions, we here at Al-Faisal keep exploring ever-expanding horizons and aim to consolidate tremendous achievements in the years to come.

    The efforts and output of young generation, their highly praiseworthy results and their zealous participation in curricular as well as co-curricular activities have proven that they are capable of achieving supreme heights in the world of education and its yearning as well as the global competition.


    Thank you and God bless you!


    Anwar Ahmad Chaudhry

    Our Programs

    Different activities are performed to acquire a keen understanding and curiosity about subjects. The fully equipped library and computer science and science laboratories are used to enhance understanding and interest in the subject.

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