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To become a nationally acclaimed educational institution that promotes academic excellence, professional leadership and strong character by providing integrated education and training.

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Our educational programs are designed and delivered in productive ways that promote academic excellence and develop professional leadership.

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The students for admission to Nursery are registered in the month of February and interviewed along with their parents. The selection is purely based on merit. The students are registered for available seats other than Nursery class in the month of March and an admission test in English, Urdu, and Maths. and Science (for high classes) is conducted in the 1st week of April.

The admission is purely based on merit.



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M.Sc. (Maths.) Pb., B.Ed.


B.Sc., M.A. (Edu.)

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Chairperson’s Message

Anwar Ahmad

Ex. Vice Principal / Head Deptt: of Maths. F.G.G.S. Akure ONDO State, Nigeria.

Ex. Head Deptt: of Maths. Cadet College, Kohat.

Ex. Lecturer, Govt. College, Faisalabad.

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“From Darkness unto Light”


Thanks to Allah Almighty for the accomplishment and attainment of our endeavors in facilitating our students and ensuring relevant and quality education. I would like to pay a whole-hearted tribute to all past and present students and members of staff, who have worked and are currently working for the benefits of society and their high pinnacles of attainment under the fundamental rules of Islam.


We, at Al-Faisal, implement the qualitative teaching techniques. We want our School to take its place in the society as a leading, innovative, professional, result-oriented and conspicuous school, yet a school that is affordable to all classes of society.


We welcome the suggestions of all the concerned in regards to the improvement of the institute and achievement of our goals. In the light of our respected colleagues’, parents’ and advisors’ precious suggestions, we here at Al-Faisal keep exploring ever-expanding horizons and aim to consolidate tremendous achievements in the years to come.

The efforts and output of young generation, their highly praiseworthy results and their zealous participation in curricular as well as co-curricular activities have proven that they are capable of achieving supreme heights in the world of education and its yearning as well as the global competition.


Thank you and God bless you!


Anwar Ahmad Chaudhry

Proud of Al-Faisal

SSC 2021 1094 out of 1100.

1100/1100 In BISE-Fsd SSC 2021

SSC 2020 1074 out of 1100.

SSC 2021 1100 out of 1100.

SSC 2021 1100 out of 1100.

SSC 2018 1071 out of 1100.

SSC 2018 1074 out of 1100.

SSC 2021 1100 out of 1100.

SSC 2022 1087 out of 1100.

SSC 2021 1094 out of 1100.

SSC 2020 1068 out of 1100.

SSC 2019 1077 out of 1100

SSC 2022 1090 out of 1100.

SSC 2018 1080 out of 1100

SSC 2021 1100 out of 1100

SSC 2018 1080 out of 1100.

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