Our Vision

To become a nationally acclaimed education setup that promotes the dormant global competitiveness of academic excellence and professional leadership by providing demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated education and training within a caring and proactive environment.

Our Mission

We here at AFG Schools aspire to achieve excellence through having morally strong, ethically correct, scholarly qualified and technically cognitive and productive faculty that encourages students to benefit from their diversity and unique qualities leading them to innovative, skilled and successful careers and a holistic civic engagement in our socio-cultural framework.

We seek to accomplish this mission as an institution with modern and rigorous curriculum in a dedicated and flexible environment at costs affordable to all classes of society while working cooperatively within our own system and all others concerned.

Our Values

Godliness, Truthfulness, Courage, Honesty, Kindness, Integrity, Tolerance, Selflessness, Dignity, Cooperation, Loyalty, Respect for Humanity, Self-Esteem, Fair Mindedness and Rational Judgment.